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Rise School Champion Inspired By His Son
June 27, 2019

Asking John Poston to narrow down his heroes is like trying to cut a lawn with tweezers.

Those he credits with the support and encouragement he needed to not only succeed in business but to overcome trying circumstances for his family are so numerous that he prefers to thank the Park Cities at large.

The father of three decided he would not only be intensely devoted to fathering a boy with special needs but also to improving the lives of other children like his son.

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Michael Sorrell is fighting poverty one Paul Quinn College student at a time
April 21, 2019

Michael Sorrell’s biggest challenge is proving to Dallas that the reincarnation of Paul Quinn College isn’t a pipe dream.

After 12 years under his leadership, the small, historically black, faith-based college in southern Dallas has gone from near death to a financially stable, reimagined four-year higher-ed school that’s becoming a template for colleges around the country.

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Tulip Farm in Waxahachie employs adults with disabilities, giving them a place to bloom
Poston Gardens
April 8, 2019

A field in Waxahachie has become home this spring to over a million tulips, tended by budding gardeners who just happen to have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Struggles begin when you put a limit on what you think someone with IDD can do. They will impress you for the rest of your life if you just put them in a position to grow."

-John B. Poston

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Mayor Mike Rawlings, the mastermind of Dallas Arts Month, wants us to be more than ‘the new Austin’
April 8, 2019

Mayor Mike Rawlings is the mastermind of Dallas Arts Month, whose 2019 version began Monday. It went into overdrive Tuesday night when the Broadway sensation Hamilton finally opened at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Rawlings has emerged as one of the fiercest advocates for the arts in the city’s mayoral history.

“I do believe people are coming here because we are going to be an artistic center, not because we are going to be another Austin. Ours is going to be a different experience.”

-Mayor Mike Rawlings

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Jason Downing named Vice Chairman, Deloitte
January 12, 2019

Jason is a vice chairman of Deloitte LLP and the US Deloitte Private leader, with responsibility for the strategic direction and delivery of the full breadth of Deloitte and its mid-market clients. He most recently served as managing partner of Deloitte LLP in the North Texas marketplace and remains active with several North Texas clients and community leadership roles.

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Paul Quinn President Michael Sorrell Elected to Dallas Fed Board
January 16, 2019

Michael Sorrell has been elected to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas board of directors by its member banks. He will serve a three-year term ending on Dec. 31, 2021.

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